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Submitted Painted Otter Testimonials

Name: Tejasa

Location: Fallsburg, NY (Sullivan County)

Work Performed: Full Bathroom Refinishing, Bathtub and all Wall Tile.

Comments: (Sent to The Painted Otter via Email)

“We are so digging the bathroom. It was such a pleasure to have you in our home. Your beautiful craftsmanship has made the once eye sore into the favorite room!!! We love it!!! Thank You again for such great energy & meticulous work.”

Bathtub Refinishing Tile Refinishing Fallsburg, NY Sullivan County

Name: Christos M.

Location: New York, NY (Manhattan)

Work Performed: Bathtub Refinishing with Anti-Slip bottom

Comments: (Sent to The Painted Otter via email)

“First of all – Happy New Year! Yesterday we returned to our apartment on East 83rd Street and were very appreciative of your great work. The tub looks great, and the Super had nothing but the highest accolades for your craftsmanship and professionalism. Great work! Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference. Thank you and our best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011.”

Name: Bill D.

Location: Shokan, NY (Ulster County)

Work Completed: Two Bathtubs Refinished.

Comments: (Posted to Service Magic)

“Good communication in setting up the job and good house manners in doing it. Two tubs done in one day with attention to detail are a big home improvement. A competent and friendly, family owned business. I will recommend Nathan to others and am considering countertop refinishing next year.”

Bathtub Refinishing Shokan, New York Ulster County

Name: Antoinette M.

Location: Ringwood, NJ (Passaic County)

Work Performed: Bathtub Refinishing with Anti-Slip and Drain Kit

Comments: (Sent to The Painted Otter via website Testimonials Form)

“The Otter Company were fantistic!! I needed my tub done for a certain date they went above and beyond to get it finished. They drove to my house to give me the drain for my tub to have it done ontime. My tub looks great and the company was a pleasure to work with. Thanks again!”

Name: Gesa K.

Location: Mineola, NY (Long Island, Nassau County)

Work Performed: Full Bathroom Refinishing, Strip Bathtub and all Wall Tile.

Comments: (Sent to The Painted Otter via website Testimonials Form)

“In a household of 63 years with a very old bathroom which was previously reglazed, you came in and turned the bathroom into new. You were very thorough in your prepwork, explaining and did an incredible job of stripping and reglazing. But that’s not enough. You were able to help us with ideas and hardware on remaining plumbing issues and certainly thought out of the box. A wonderful job – thanks! We will recommend you at any time!!”

Name: Darlene and Art Walters

Location: Northport, NY (Long Island, Suffolk County)

Work Performed: Counter Top Resurfacing, Full Bathroom Bath and Tile Refinishing with Stone Accents

Comments: (Sent to The Painted Otter via Email)

In the spring of 2009, I decided that my kitchen and two bathrooms were long overdue for major renovation. However, tearing up my bathrooms and kitchen, giving up cast iron tubs (granted one was pink and one was blue!) and ripping apart kitchen counter tops—disturbing existing backsplash and cabinets—was something I did NOT want. Plus the cost of all this would be huge! So, I did some Internet research and discovered the “Painted Otter,” who promoted a lower cost solution to my problem. I had absolutely no experience with the process of refinishing tiles/tubs in a solid color and I had only recently learned about Stone Fleck from internet browsing. Therefore I was rather hesitant and apprehensive, to say the least. I had just invested a great deal of money on new floor tiles throughout my kitchen, foyers, and bathrooms. I also wanted to preserve my white kitchen cabinets, which in spite of their age, were rather pristine and in great condition. So the thought of someone coming into my home with industrial equipment, blasting paint throughout these rooms was very scary!

Regardless, I sat down and met with Nathan and Jessica Oettinger (the Painted “Otters”), and they spent significant time with me, alleviating my worries and concerns. They educated me as to what would happen throughout the project and they assured me of the intense prep work that would take place. I saw pictures of some of their work and I read about the fantastic results they achieved for other customers. I even read an impressive article in The New York Times, singing their praises. Finally, the quote they gave me was a fraction of the cost of ripping out my bathrooms and counter tops and starting over. So, I took the plunge and agreed to go forward.

This was, by far, the BEST decision I have ever made for house renovations. They came through EXACTLY how they promised, and this in itself is rare with contractors. They bent over backwards, helping me with my color choices, Stone Fleck layout, etc. Their prep work was incredibly thorough and meticulous, leaving no evidence of mess or damage. The finished result was absolutely outstanding!! The Stone Fleck tile, with its textured look, provided such accent and detail to the bathrooms—everyone who has seen it has been absolutely astonished. It actually could pass for brand new stone tile installation. I had other contractors in the house who deal with tiles and stone and even they couldn’t believe the results. And, of course the Stone Fleck countertops gave an incredible face lift to my kitchen, providing a brand new look to an 18-year-old kitchen setting.

The best way to describe the Painted Otter is that they take great pride in their craftsmanship and they care about the customer—long lost qualities among most contractors today. I have never seen such professionalism, attention to detail, customer responsiveness, and overall care in any project I have undertaken in my “over 55” life to date. They’re honest, sincere and beyond trustworthy. I am a very fussy person and I was not disappointed in any vein. When the job was finished, we appraised the results carefully and found a few minor areas that could be a “little” better. Without hesitation, they stepped up to the plate making it absolutely perfect. No arguments, no negotiations, in fact, in some instances they fixed a few things that I would not have even bothered with. And I am VERY fussy and particular!

In my opinion, if your objective is to inject beauty and style into your home, achieving a brand, new look at a fraction of the cost of complete tear-down, with little disruption—go with the Painted Otter! Even if you’re contemplating selling your house, the “value” that these results will bring to your home, relative to the cost could reap great benefits. You will be so amazed at the results, you will likely wish that you had done it sooner. Your neighbors and friends will be blown away by the new look your home will achieve, as you will sit back and enjoy the amazing view! The Painted Otter can help you make all this happen!

Darlene and Art Walters
Northport, NY

Bathtub Refinishing Tile Refinishing Northport, NY Suffolk County, Long Island

Bathtub Refinishing Tile Refinishing Northport, NY Suffolk County, Long Island

Name: Melissa S.

Location: Manhattan, NY (New York City, New York County)

Work Performed: Bathtub Refinishing

Comments: (Posted to Painted Otter Testimonials)

“Extremely professional, clean, friendly, and the tub turned out great. Very honest – when we asked about having the tile done as well, he told us not to bother as we don’t plan on staying in our place long enough to make it economical.”

Bathtub Refinishing Manhattan, New York City

Name: Teresa M.

Location: Carmel, NY (Putnam County)

Work Performed: Bathtub Refinishing

Comments: (Posted to ServiceMagic)

“very careful and gentle worker. The bath tub looks like new! I am very happy with his work. I will recommend him any time.”

Bathtub Refinishing Lake Carmel, New York Putnam County

Name: Adriana F.

Location: Central Valley, NY (Orange County)

Work Performed: Bathtub Refinishing

Comments: (Posted to ServiceMagic)

“Nathan did an excellent job! The bathtub reglazing came out way better than expected because the tub was so old and discolored! His craftsmanship and professionalism were superior!”

Bathtub Refinishing Central Valley, New York Orange County

Name: Angela C.

Location: Medusa, NY (Albany County)

Work Performed: Clawfoot Bathtub

Comments: (Submitted to

“When I built my house, I had some vintage bath pieces that I would not part with, including the antique 6 foot claw tub that scraped our tooshes –the finish was completely gone. We had little to no experience with reglazing ANYTHING, only what we had researched on our own. Since it is infinitely greener to reglaze than buy new, we called Nathan at the Painted Otter, and he set us straight. Not only was he kind and gracious with our minute knowledge of his niche, but he did a fantastic job on our 1920 tub. I had left him a check that morning and he even called to tell me he would issue a partial refund because the job was “less labor than expected.” This is not just a good vendor, but a good man. Using anyone else would be silliness!”

Claw foot Bathtub Refinishing Medusa, New York Albany County

Name: Lois G.

Location: Monroe, NY (Orange County)

Work Performed: Soffited Shower Enclosure – Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

Comments: (Posted to Yellowpages Reviews)

“The Painted Otter Refinishing is one of the best experiences I have had with work done in my home. Jessica and Nathan are both professional and caring and will work with you toward a cost effective solution to your specific needs and will rearrange schedules to accommodate you, the customer. I found that extraordinary! Nathan is a perfectionist and not happy with anything less than exceptional. This quality is very rare in today’s environment. This process was very new to me and of course I was a little skeptical about doing it, but I now recommend it to anyone who wants a cost effective answer to an ugly bathroom problem, The material, the process and Nathan are the best recipe for a beautiful new space to enjoy. My tub and tiles are beautiful and look as though I spent thousands.”

Name: Dave & Alyssa

Location: Central Valley, NY (Orange County)

Work Performed: Kitchen Counter Imitation Stone Resurfacing

Comments: (Posted to Yellowpages Reviews)

“The Painted Otter Refinishers did an amazing job on our kitchen counter tops – The counters were originally 70s orange as I like to call them and they are now a gorgeous sandstone! We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to update their kitchen or bathroom!”

Bathtub Refinishing Counter Top Resurfacing Central Valley, New York Orange County

Name:  Sharon B.

Location:  Beacon, NY (Dutchess County)

Work Performed:  Clawfoot Bathtub Refinishing

Comments:  (Posted directly to our website)

“Nathan did an outstanding job refinishing our cast iron tub.  We were extremely pleased with the service received, the finished product was better than expected!  We would highly recommend his services, very reasonably priced, great quality work.  Thanks again!”

Name: Letitia H.

Location: Newburgh, NY (Orange County)

Work Performed: Full Bathroom Bathtub and Tile Refinish

Comments: (Posted to

“Very professional and efficient. Nathan and his wife saved the day. They took my old 60’s esque blue and burgundy bathroom and made it look very updated, clean, and serene. They worked with me on budget options and also to keep my antique tile floor that I loved and were happy to suggest color options to make it work. All in one day–couldn’t be happier!”

Name:  John B.

Location:  Mt. Vernon, NY (Westchester County)

Work Performed:  Full bathroom, Subway Tile Refinishing & Kitchen Counter Top Refinishing

Comments: (Posted directly to our website)

“Nathan did an outstanding job completing our bathroom, making our original subway tile look brand new. He also gave new life to our kitchen counters,transforming them to a brilliant granite appearance. We will definitely have the Painted Otter back for additional work.”

Bathtub Refinishing Tile Reglazing Counter Top Resurfacing Mt. Vernon, New York Westchester County
Bathtub Refinishing Tile Reglazing Counter Top Resurfacing Mt. Vernon, New York Westchester County

Name:  Ken H.

Location:  Bronx, NY (Bronx County)

Work Performed:  Bathtub Refinish – Kohler Ice Grey

Comments: (posted from Service Magic)

“Outstanding, a perfect gentleman who priced the job well with the finished product looking brand new. thought of everything from safety to quality of work and left the job spotless. I am actively recommending him to fellow contractors.”

Bathtub Refinishing Bronx, New York Bronx County

Name:  Lori H.

Location:  Monroe, NY (Orange County)

Work Performed:  Double basin Farm Sink

Comments:  (Submitted to YellowPages)

“Nathan is a really nice guy who really knows his business. With the chemical painting/bonding process he performs, the result is a sleek, beautiful, hard surface that only requires a sponge and dish soap to keep sparkling clean. We had an old farm sink — not the new, shallow kind with apron — but an original, deep on one side, and very deep on the other (the kind you can’t get any more). It was a mess: old, dirty, damaged, yellowing, graying, with nicks and chips all over the place. I went to work one morning, and by the time I got home, we had a gleaming white smoothly-enameled surface that looks absolutely beautiful in our kitchen… and has stayed that way… through spaghetti sauce, red wine, greasy cleanups, and more. Sometimes I can’t get over it. Nathan’s a very fair guy whose work is exceptional. You can’t go wrong with best of breed.”

Name:  Eric G.

Location:  Kingston, NY (Ulster County)

Work Performed:  Do It Yourself Strip – Wall Tile & Bathtub Refinish

Comments: (posted from Service Magic)

“We were happy with the job.”

Bathtub Refinishing, Tile Reglazing, Do It Yourself - Kingston, New York Ulster County

Name:  Jane

Work Performed:  Bathtub Refinish

Location:  Westchester, NY (Westchester County)

Comments: (posted from

“The tub turned out great. Shiny and smooth. Beautiful job and the guy was so nice. He came back a week later , checked everything and removed the plastic covers from the stainless fixtures.  Well worth the money…  Very clean cut, well educated, classical pianist – can’t figure what he’s doing in this business, but he’s good.”

Bathtub Refinishing Westchester, New York Westchester County

Name:  M.M.

Location:  Port Chester, NY (Westchester county)

Work Performed:  Bathtub Refinish

Comments:  (posted from Service Magic)

“Nathan is wonderful. He is very professional, takes pride in his work, all all star!”

Name:  Margaret T.

Location:  Newburgh, NY (Orange County)

Work Performed:  Extreme Bathtub Transformation

Comments:  (posted from Service Magic)

“They did an EXCELLENT job. Tub was shot with mildew, rust stains and damage and now looks brandnew. I would definately recommend using in future.”

Extreme Bathtub Refinishing Newburgh, New York Orange County

Name:  Steve C.

Location:  Warwick, NY (Orange County)

Work Performed:  Bathtub and Tile Refinish

Comments:  (posted from Service Magic)

“We were very happy with Nate’s professionalism and the outcome of the job. He addressed all our questions, told us what to expect and delivered! We feel this was a good solution to our bathroom problem and a good value. We will gladly recommend the Painted Otter to others. Steve “

Name:  Michael M.

Location:  Middletown, NY (Orange County)

Work Performed:  Bathtub Refinish

Comments:  (posted from Service Magic)

“He was very professional and courteous, did an incredible job and went out of his way to clean up afterewards. The whole process went perfectly from estimate to completion, couldn’t be happier.”

Name:  Kai A.

Location:  Nyack, NY (Rockland County)

Work Performed:  Bathtub and Tile Refinish

Comments:  (posted from Service Magic)

“Our tub and tiles look fantastic. Nathan is a careful worker, yet he still encouraged our contacting him if we have concerns about the job he did.”

Name:  Joe M.

Location:  Monticello, NY (Sullivan County)

Work Performed:  Bathtub Refinish

Comments:  (posted from Service Magic) 

“very good job will be calling on next job soon. Thank you “

Name:  Lori B.

Location:  White Plains, NY (Westchester County)

Work Performed:  Full Bathroom, Bathtub and all Wall Tile Refinish

Comments:  (posted from Service Magic)

“He’s done some very good work for us; timely, efficient, conscientious & knowledgeable. I’d use his service again & have recommended him to my friends.”

Bathtub Refinishing Tile Reglazing White Plains, New York Westchester County

Name:  Keith S.

Location:  Delmar, NY (Albany County)

Work Performed:  Bathtub and Tile Surround Refinishing

Comments: (posted from Service Magic)

“The bathtub and tile now look great. After the first coat there were a couple problems, but Nathan and Art were very responsive. Art was right back and made everything right. Nice work….”

The Painted Otter’s Comments: (posted from Service Magic)
“We called Keith 5 days after the work was completed, as we do all of our customers, to ensure his satisfaction. He mentioned a few pieces of debris in the bottom of the bathtub. We re-traveled the 87 miles two days later to correct the issue and perfect this discrepancy. 100% Customer Service Guaranteed.”

If these do not satisfy your needs, please call and we’ll be more than happy to provide phone references from all over Southern New York, Northern Jersey, Western Massachusetts, and Connecticut.


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