Does your kitchen sink have you seeing red?

We can fix it!

Color Changes

Match your existing sink to your newly refinished bathtub and tile!

Receive the best warranty in the industry

Written guarantee given for the industry leading FIVE years!

Specializing in Antique Refinishing.

Rust, Pitting, Erosion easily repaired!

With pedestal sinks, in-place oddly formed custom sinks, drainboard sided farm sinks, and other specialized fixtures, our reglazing services will return them to the glory they knew only when fresh from the factory.

Sinks age, crack, stain and dull from years of aggressive cleaning and heavy use. Why go through the trouble of pulling out that old sink when all it needs is a face lift? Professional refinishing can provide just what you need. We not only repair the surfaces that are scratched and dulled, but we protect it from future damage, backed by our 2 year sink warranty.

Sink refinishing gives you the perfect opportunity to change the color of your sink in your kitchen or bathroom to match your existing or future d├ęcor.

Some people have thought to try it themselves with the Do It Yourself kits, failed and figured that it just can’t be done. The problem is even though they followed all the instructions on the box, the surface was simply not prepared well enough to make the finish last. While the surface of the sink may appear to be smooth and unbroken; it actually has many tiny pores that will collect dirt. Our specialized materials are in fact not paint and are applied in smooth even coats giving you a flawlessly glossy finish. Only a professional refinishing company can reglaze your sink with a non-porous finish to like new condition.

If you have an old bathroom or kitchen sink that is aging in places, maybe all it needs is a face lift. Give that sink a new lease on life by refinishing it with our protective coating. Call now for pricing!