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The current market trends have prompted realtors, and those working closely with real-estate agents such as staging companies, to greatly appreciate the services that The Painted Otter Refinishers provide. Creative brokers are using these services to sell their represented properties quickly and at a higher asking price. How is this possible?

As someone intimately tied to the real-estate markets, you realize the importance of aesthetically pleasing bathroom and kitchen areas. Why take a chance that an outdated area will hold that property on the market for weeks or even months longer than expected? Educate your clients that by spending a few hundred dollars to update their kitchen and bath, they can easily add up to five times the amount spent on refinishing directly to the asking price.

Some homes may have dull, chipped, cracked or pitted surfaces that need to be redone. Others may just be in need of some “updating” or color change. These refinishing techniques can be done on tubs, tile, sinks, showers, countertops, bathroom vanities, etc. We even offer an affordable fix for cracked fiberglass tub and shower enclosures.

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