The Painted Otter Refinishers takes great pride in providing preparation and material application methods which far exceed those of any other company in the industry. Our cleaner system is specifically optimized to be simultaneously the most effective cleaning/etching system in the industry while also reducing the environmental effects typical to most other company’s ‘acid etching’ cleaners.

The Primer system we developed through extensive research and development, coupled with prolonged stress testing. We use this primer to give the industry’s best and most comprehensive ‘bonding’ or connection between the surface of the fixtures and the premium coatings that we apply.

We do not apply any ‘repackaged’ materials. Repackaged materials are those that are purchased from a manufacturer in large quantity and then ‘reduced’ or ‘cut’ to increase quantity, repackaged into another company’s own packaging and then sold to the public. We obtain our material directly from the manufacturer. We apply only pure, uncut coatings to your fixtures which ensures that the finish will remain as new for a much greater time.

To guarantee to you that this is the truth, we offer the best warranty in the business.  We certify in writing with every job that our work will not de-laminate for a full 5 years.  Beware those companies offering full coverage warranties longer than five years, chances are they are not planning on remaining in business long enough to honor it by half.  If something unforeseen, assuming proper care and maintenance and at no fault to yourself, were to occur with the material that we apply, we will return immediately and at absolutely zero cost to you.

You may have heard these services referred to by many other names.  Such as Bathtub Reglazing, Tile Reglazing, Bathtub, Bathtubs, Tile, Tiles, porcelain refinishing, porcelain reglazing, tub refinishing, tub painting, tub resurfacing, bathtub resurfacing, tub reglazing, refinishing, or resurfacing.  No matter what name you use for it, we promise that we will give you the absolute best results for your money each and every time.  If you’ve been discouraged through estimates given by ‘Bathfitting’ or ‘Rebathing’ companies, simply look through our gallery,  give us a call, or contact us online.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.