• Save 50 – 80% over replacement and new constructionAchieve Stone-like Looks and Toughness with none of the hassles of real stone.
  • One Day Turnaround – 95% of our projects are completed in one day or less and are returned to full service IMMEDIATELY.
  • No Demolition or Construction hassles.
  • No Annual or Bi-Annual Resurfacing Needed – Ever!
  • Your choice of dozens of colors! – Have a Tile and Counter Top Surface that no-one else can duplicate.  Call to request in-person sample viewing.

Our Faux-Stone coatings are the affordable alternative to granite, marble, silestone, swanstone or corian. This exclusive material is a high tech coating which can give you the custom look you want at a fraction of the cost. While granite and marble do look great, they are extremely expensive, susceptible to staining, porous, can harbor bacteria, are very difficult to repair, and require polishing and sealing every 6 months.

The good news is we can give you the same great look with better performance and less hassle with our Faux-Stone finish.  The base color primer system we offer is now a water-based environmentally friendly super-adhesive, guaranteed to never release from the surface of your fixtures. And we are extremely proud to be the ONLY company in New York to offer a 100% Green, zero-solvent, zero-VOC UV Cured clear coat system! 30 seconds after applying this material, you will be the proud new owner of a virtually impermeable, fully functional surface. Enjoy zero downtime and a single day application process. 100% resistant to all solvents. Extremely scratch resistant and durable through the abuse of a kitchen or bathroom surface. Call Now for more information!

Faux-Stone Multicolor Chart

This material can be easily repaired if damaged and most importantly requires only common care and cleaning.

Faux-Stone looks great no matter where you choose to apply it, including both kitchen and bathroom tile, counter-tops, walls, floors, or practically any other surface you can think of. Also we can give the surface any texture you desire and finish it either satin or a high gloss.

The possibilities are endless and we can most often deliver whatever you can dream up. We welcome new ideas and challenges so give us a call to see if we can accomodate you.

The Painted Otter Refinishers is proud to offer a completely Green process with our Faux-Stone Multicolor and UV Curing System.  Completely free of solvents and VOCs.  Call for more information.


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